Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self view

Many leaders have an inflated sense of self.

In fact, 62% of people indicate that others see them as above average leaders. Yikes! That math just isn't right. As leaders, what we need is the ability to garner feedback instead of thinking that we are all well above average.

I used to think that about myself, and boy was I wrong!

As a leadership development coach, it seems like the people that are asked to work with me are those that can't and don't want to hear that they are far from "above average." But there is a fundamental difference between intention and reality.

Usually in self-assessments, we are thinking about our intentions. And when it comes to our intentions, many of us are above average. Many people intend to be great leaders. But we often fail even when we have the best intentions. This is where the breakdown occurs.

Ironically, we can't ever fulfill on our best intentions unless we start taking in the feedback of how others are perceiving us. So if you do rate yourself as an "above average" leader, consider getting some direct feedback from others.

It will help you reconcile the difference between your intention and the reality of how you are performing as a leader.

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