Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you a free agent?

News flash!

In this new economy, we are all free agents!

Whether you work for a corporation, a large organization, a small business or are a solo entrepreneur, you need to become a free agent.

Here is the definition of a free agent.

A free agent:

Has a personal brand
Is regarded as an expert centered around their core offering and key strengths
Follows a passion
Is a leader
Proactively develops connections
Creates value with those connections
Understands that value drives business
Recognizes that business is personal and based on trusted relationships
Does their best work
Understands that collaboration and team work drives results
Can be trusted
Is consistent and clear
Leads their life and inspires others to do the same
Doesn't follow the "shoulds", but is connected to own values and priorities
Creates their own path
Understands that job security is not an entitlement
Stays relevant

Don't get stagnant and stuck in the past. Break out and become the free agent you need to be to prosper and succeed in the new econonomy! It can all start with creating your own personal brand!

What other characteristics do you think should be on this list?

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