Monday, December 13, 2010

The "have it your way" culture shift and what it means for leadership and branding

Burger King's slogan "Have it your way" was way before its time.

We are solidly in the "I will have it my way, or no way" times. People are now creating their own jobs, their own products, their own lives. Through the Internet, individuals can now be as powerful and influential as traditional media channels once used to be.

And it is no longer a generational phenomenon. With nearly 10% unemployment, even the boomers that bought into and perfected the "go to college-get a job-strive for the corner office-be the boss" script, are now finding themselves learning how to create the life and the job they want...on their terms.

This new culture impacts everything from how marketers "control" their products and services, to how leaders "control" and manage the workforce.

It is a huge power shift. Consumers now hold the power to control what is said about products and services to their ever-expanding networks. And employees now hold greater power to say no more often to the golden handcuffs offered by the traditional corporate job. It's implications for branding and leadership are clear:

1. One way dialogues will no longer be tolerated
2. Respect has nothing to do with age, title or money
3. Demanding anything is a surefire way towards becoming obsolescent
4. It's all about choice
5. Want to engage others, provide options, options, options

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