Friday, October 8, 2010

Why your Internet Marketing may not be working

The Internet has made it easier for people to "be out there" and to market themselves more readily.

In some ways it is easier because for many that are promoting themselves and their business on the Internet, it feels like no one is really out there listening. So they may push harder than they normally would.

However, the Internet is simultaneously a medium where no one is listening and yet everyone is listening.

While on one hand, the Internet facilitates and encourages self-promotion, it also is a medium that can easily allow people to tip the scale from appropriate self-promotion into obnoxious self-obsession.

This new business reality that we are living in, makes it even more critical for you to follow the basics of marketing to make your Internet marketing work for your business.

Know your target
The Internet is a place that allows for pin-pointed targeting. Use it to pin-point instead of blasting. The more you can refine your message specific to your target, the better impact you will get. Finding the few that love your service is better than thousands that couldn't care less. Reassess frequently; your target's needs are bound to change.

Stop pushing, encourage pulling
Effective brands create pathways that allow followers to experience the brand. Allow your followers to opt-in and to ask for more. Don't push your message to those that don't want it. Encourage opt-in and opt-out. Reassess frequently; what's important to your followers can change over time.

Offer Value
If you aren't offering solutions based on what is important to your target, you need to go back and do your homework. Your brand's value is not determined by you, but by your target. Make sure you are relevant and are providing value to what they need. Reassess frequently; problems and solutions change all of the time.

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