Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Want to lead others....ask questions!

So many managers have a difficult time moving from being a manager to becoming a leader. It's no surprise that this is probably one of the hardest transitions.

Do it yourself doesn't work any more.

Telling has a way of demoralizing instead of inspiring.

Having all the answers is bound to trip you up, too.

It's true: The skills that made you successful at one point in your career are not going to be the ones you need to rely on the higher up you go.

Becoming a leader often requires us to unlearn a lot that drove success early on. You need to unravel, unwind and take a chill pill if you want to be a successful leader that others want to follow.

Start by stepping out more and doing less. Change your telling into asking more questions that are driven my curiosity and guidance. Learn to rely on others for the answers you need.

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