Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you building business credibility?

The Internet continues to impact all aspects of our lives.

From how we do research, to how we shop, how we connect with friends and family...and now to how we build and extend our business credibility.

Entrepreneurs have been the trendsetters of applying these technological advances into business, especially when it comes to the social networking component. However, Corporate America is not far behind as it moves diligently and methodically to understand the pros and cons of this medium. It does beg the question: how does a corporate brand entity interact with people on a one-to-one basis? For consumer products, its easy to understand how Old Spice was able to manifest its brand personality into a character that came alive in social networking. Not so easily done when it comes to corporate messaging.

Unless that corporate messaging has an expertise or single idea it wants to stand for: such as leadership, green sustainability, education, etc. Then, I believe that social networking is the place to seed and develop this message.

But what about the corporate employee? How are you developing your business credentials outside of the four walls of your corporate office?

After all, I think we are entering the era of the free agent. A free agent has a single idea describing their brand and they develop and expand that expertise through the advances of technology. And it doesn't matter whether you are in a corporation or you own your own business. This is an important concept in today's business world because we are at the height of the information age. And you, are the creator of information. No longer do we solely seek out information via the traditional mediums of TV, newspapers, and radio. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the multitude of Blogs are the new mediums and you are the media. You must be the brand and be the expert in your field.

Social networking is the place for developing and establishing expertise, because it facilitates a one-on-one dialogue. It is an excellent branding tool. But in order for it to build your business credibility and to work for you, or any organization, you have to have that single idea that describes your brand.

How are your building your business credibility?

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