Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is your strategy a "just in case" strategy?

When travelling, I learned a great deal about packing light from my husband Lewis. He would always say, "you are packing for "just in case." you don't need half of that stuff."

I don't say it often, but he was right.

You know the drill: "I'll take this in case it rains, I'll take that in case we go out to a fancy place," and on it goes. Before you know it, you have packed 10 pairs of shoes and clothes for 30 degrees as well as for 90 degrees.

Businesses often use a "just in case" strategy and yield poor results.


A "just in case" strategy is like having no strategy. Everything is important and nothing is important.

When leaders embrace this approach, they don't want to let go of anything. Every project is important, every task is needed and every question must be answered. Before they know it, they have 10 priority initiatives and they get bogged down because nothing really gets accomplished. Everybody is just too busy "just in case."

Prioritization and choice is the antidote.

So next time you hear yourself say "just in case." make a choice and do something that's really important to drive your business.

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