Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are you decisive?

Fear can get in the way of being decisive, but so can guilt.

Leaders need to be able to make decisions, even if they impact people adversely. This is one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader.

I learned about making decisions as a parent. As a parent, you definitely have fear about making the right decisions, but I think parents tend to have even more guilt associated with difficult decisions. Like leaders in the workplace, parents don't like to disappoint or cause unhappiness with their "team." As a result, often times we postpone or delay or choose not to make a decision when it is difficult.

But indecision's impact is far worse than any adverse decision.

When faced with difficult decisions, I often just brace myself and say the decision as cleanly as is possible with as little emotion as possible. Emotion can communicate that you are ambivalent about the decision. Ambivalence works against effective leadership.

Directness is a gift here. Saying it with compassion is important, but emotion is not. But make the decision and hold steady in that decision.

Your teams (and families) will love you for it.

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