Friday, July 30, 2010

Are you stuck in the ways of the past?

Since I have been a marketer for so many years, understanding the impact that social media is having on marketing fascinates me.

When I first started in marketing in the 80's, marketers controlled everything that was said about any given product. Today marketers no longer have this control. Today, consumers are the ones controlling the message.

In years past, an irate consumer would write a letter to the company and would get a letter of apology in return with a couple of coupons inside to mend the relationship. Today an irate consumer can create a ground swell so large through social media, that a product can fail right out of the gate.

This is a consumer-driven world. It has fundamentally shifted the relationship between marketer and consumer.

I see the very same shift occuring between leader and employee.

In years past, an able employee had to wait for a leader to appreciate his/her value before that employee could advance and progress forward. Today, that same able employee can create connections and have greater widespread impact and results outside of the traditional reporting hierarchies of organizations in order to advance and progress forward.

This is an employee-driven world. It has fundamentally shifted the relationship between leader and employee.

The reality of these shifts is that the old hierarchical model is being flipped. Marketing and leadership no longer can be a one-way-directed dialogue. The conversation has started and control now is a shared responsibility.

So as a marketer and a leader in today's world, have you shifted your approach or are you stuck in the ways of the past?

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