Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How can you set yourself apart in the Information Age?

I am always astonished by the amount of information available to people on the Internet. There is free information everywhere. It is beyond drinking through a fire hose. Too much.

It begs the question...if you are in the information business (everyone is) how can you really set yourself apart from the rest?

Synthesizing information. Making it usable and practical.

People will pay for answers, there are plenty of questions out there. There is value in providing solutions and to take the intensity of information and simplify it.

So, if you want to stand out from the clutter of information overload, use the old saying: K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple silly. (we aren't allowed to use the word stupid in our house, after all we do have a 5 year old!)

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Jim said...

The timing of your post is excellent, Laura. I was listening to a panel discussion on the radio this morning (CBC in Ottawa, Canada) about President Obama's remarks at a commencement ceremony he attended this week. The core of his comments was about the vast amount of information deluging people, how it is often inaccurate and what I interpreted as the shallowness of so much of it. Your comment about synthesis is so important to how we use information intelligently. Thanks.