Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you exhibiting leadership "dissonance?"

I went to the UP Experience yesterday and was inspired by 16 brilliant minds.

I learned an important lesson yesterday. Everything that we say and everything we do is teaching and influencing others around us. This is an important realization for any leader, at home and at work. Too often, leaders believe that their words are most important, and give less focus to their actions. This often creates leadership "dissonance" which results in mistrust. Once there is mistrust or dissonance, a leader can't lead.

People are listening and watching every word and picture. The reality is that the old saying, "actions speak louder than words" is even more relevant as it relates to leaders.

This becomes apparently clear as a parent. After all, leadership at home is based on the same principles as leadership at work. Our words may say one thing, and if our actions say another, chances are our kids will pick that up. When this is the case, you are less likely to influence them and for them to follow your lead.

Put the mirror on yourself and observe every action with a critical eye. Be certain that your words and pictures are saying and reinforcing the same message.

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Mimi said...

Great post... great job. Love the picture of you and your uh, young lady! - Michele Kimbrough