Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Discipline in your Routine?

I consider myself a fairly disciplined person. Having been a runner for nearly 30 years requires discipline in my daily routine.

However, there are places where my discipline has dropped. For example, I have not established a daily discipline for my blog writing. And yet, I do think it is important for my development and for the development of those I serve.

When we prioritize something in our lives, we need to schedule it. By scheduling it, we assure that it gets done and is part of our daily routine.

We should never hear ourselves say: "I just don't have time to do the things I love." These should be the first things to schedule. Scheduling activities isn't only about business-related things, but personal ones as well.

When we are disciplined and schedule things we love, in addition to the must-dos, we become more productive.

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