Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you understand the problem you are solving?

The number one complaint that people have about their jobs is that they feel under utilized in their jobs. They believe that they contribute a lot more than they do. Ironically, this is still the case even during these times of fewer resources and higher expectations.

You may feel like it is your boss' job to utilize you and to seek out your contributions.

Yes. It is partly their responsibility, but you have a role in this as well.

Creating a bridge between you and your boss requires both of you to build it, but you need to be the one to initiate the process.

Start with a good understanding of where your strengths are. And don't stop there, look to see where your boss' pain points are. What is he/she trying to solve? What is the problem that you can solve by uniquely applying your strengths?

When you understand the problem that needs to be solved and how you uniquely can solve them, you are on your way towards creating value and contribution.

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