Monday, September 1, 2008

Can you become a leader by chance?

I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago as the Olympics started. Headlines ran in Spain saying "Leaders by Chance?" refering to Olympic athletes.

We are quick to answer that question by saying " takes a great deal of practice and dedication to become an olympic athlete." These folks are leaders because they play to their strengths and know how to work and rework this strength to perfection. Chance has little to do with it.

And yet, people step into leadership roles with little focus on perfecting their craft.

I believe that too many people leave their leadership skills up to chance. I know I did at times. You get busy tending to the "work" and you don't see how perfecting the craft of leadership can enhance your ability to get the job done, regardless of the role you are in.

Leadership isn't something outside of the is the work. Just like Olympic athletes see their daily practice as THE game, we have to see that the daily interactions that comprise our work is where leadership happens. Now this is something you would leave up to chance, is it?

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