Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can Motherhood Prepare You for the Boardroom?

They say that being a parent can stretch you. I believe this to be true. My daughter Leila was a big catalyst in my life. Without my daughter and the lessons she has given me, I wouldn't have written my book, nor become a leadership speaker.

Can being a parent prepare you for the board room? Do lessons from home translate to more effective business results? Yes, and yes again!

With as much discussion people have on work/life balance concerns, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts about bridging your two worlds; work and home.

Whether you are a parent, planning to be a parent or passing it all together, the work/life struggle is real for women and men alike.

The article is written with moms in mind, but have no fear men and non-mom women, the idea of borrowing concepts from home and applying them to work still applies to you.

I believe you can blend and borrow from each parts of your life for a customized, unified whole!

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