Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The importance of relevance in branding

I just read an article on the Wall Street Journal on the Girl Scouts. They have just hired a Chief Marketing Officer and are going to rebrand a 95 year old brand. Leadership will be at the core of their rebranding efforts, but they are trying to make it relevant to today's tech-saavy teenager. The truth is that the Girl Scouts did not remain current with their target and over the past 10 years has seen declines in membership. They lost relevancy. It brings to mind some important branding lessons:
  1. A brand is never static. Targets evolve and change continuously. A brand must continue to redefine itself in order to remain relevant.
  2. Connection and engagement is at the core of branding. You can't have connection and engagement with your target if you are no longer relevant.
  3. Relevance always requires a mindset that steps out of ourselves and out of our brands. Great brands never believe they are the center, their target is.

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