Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leadership Learning

I recently read a statement by Peter Drucker that he wrote pertaining to education. In his statement, he indicates that teachers can't teach a student that isn't ready to learn. I found his statement to be incredibly relevant to the area of leadership. Here is what he said:

"Learning can only be done by the learner. It cannot be done by the “teacher.” The teacher can only be a help or an impediment to learning. The pupil who needs external pushing and supervision for learning will not learn. All the information, all the affirmation, and all the motivation should lie in the process of learning itself. "

This supports my belief that leadership is something we really can't teach. The student must fully be present and ready to learn. Leadership is so highly personal and it requires a great sense of personal introspection. One can not be forced to do this. This makes it difficult for those of us who have a passion to teach leadership. But we can only be catalysts for those who show up ready to learn with a willingness and an openness to self question within.

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