Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leadership Learning

I recently read a statement by Peter Drucker that he wrote pertaining to education. In his statement, he indicates that teachers can't teach a student that isn't ready to learn. I found his statement to be incredibly relevant to the area of leadership. Here is what he said:

"Learning can only be done by the learner. It cannot be done by the “teacher.” The teacher can only be a help or an impediment to learning. The pupil who needs external pushing and supervision for learning will not learn. All the information, all the affirmation, and all the motivation should lie in the process of learning itself. "

This supports my belief that leadership is something we really can't teach. The student must fully be present and ready to learn. Leadership is so highly personal and it requires a great sense of personal introspection. One can not be forced to do this. This makes it difficult for those of us who have a passion to teach leadership. But we can only be catalysts for those who show up ready to learn with a willingness and an openness to self question within.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Leadership is a Choice

Leadership is active, not passive. We must choose to be a leader and then act upon it. Real leadership takes place when you go first. When you want your team to give more of their time, give more time. When you want your team to care more about their jobs, care more. Are you an active leader? Are you choosing to be a leader in your life, at home and at work?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When we lead our lives, we are employing leadership techniques. We don't often think about leadership in these terms, but it is an effective way to learn how to achieve your goals and get what you want out of your life, both at home and at work. Leadership is generally the answer to many of our life's woes.

We have been hearing a great deal about the belief that we create our life through our thoughts. This is in essence the bottom line to "the secret". I do believe there is some merit to this belief because by adopting a leadership mindset, we are training our thoughts to lead and not to fall victim to life's circumstances.

The 7 insights of leadership that are outlined in my book "The Connected and Committed Leader" are really about becoming a more effective human being and empowering ourselves to be the best leaders we can be. After all, life is full of human interactions. Each time we engage with someone, it is a leadership opportunity. Whether it is with your boss, your child, your husband or a co-worker. Each interaction can make a difference in the outcome of your day, your week, your year and ultimately your life.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Counterintuitive Leadership

We rarely think of words like guiding, receptivity and vulnerability when we think of leadership. More likely we think of directing, strong willed, and driven when we think of leadership. In my new and upcoming book "The Connected and Committed Leader" I stress some of the counterintuitive skills that are the basis of leadership for the 21st century. It is amazing the power and ability we can develop in leading ourselves, our lives and others when we embrace these counterintuitive skills for leading. Go to to find out more. I would love to hear your comments too.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Connected and Committed Leader

When I selected the title of my book The Connected and Committed Leader, I wanted to choose words that aren't normally attributed to leadership. When we speak about leadership, we often come up with words like influence, vision and headship. I wanted to bring in some counter intuitive words to describe leaders. It was through my parenting experience that I realized connection and commitment were essential ingredients for effective leadership. I find that we don't often think of leadership as something that takes heart, but when you study the most effective leaders of our times, their inspiring ways do in fact come from the heart.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Leadership as a life practice for success

When I have asked people "Who is the one person that has inspired you the most in life?" The answer given is most commonly a parent or teacher. And yet, we don't often think of those people as leaders, but they often are. Leadership is something that we solely think of in context of business...reserved for the president of some large corporation or business. This is a common misconception about leadership and yet leadership skills are applicable to our daily lives, at work and at home. I believe that we all have what it takes to be a great leader.